PASSAVANT IMPIANTI S.p.A., working for more than 50 years  in the environmental field, is specialized in studying, designing, constructing and operating plants for water potabilisation, desalinisation and wastewater treatment, municipal and industrial, as well as plants for sludge and solid waste treatment.
Furthermore it designs and builds water intake (sea or river) for industrial infrastructures and/or power stations.

Applying its know-how and equipment, improved over the years, PASSAVANT IMPIANTI S.p.A. has been able to build several plants in Italy and abroad.

PASSAVANT IMPIANTI S.p.A.  has got the SOA (Società Organismo di Attestazione Euro-SOA S.p.A.) qualification for designing and building of the all structures concerning the following categories and classifications:
OG6 category (aqueducts, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, irrigation and evacuation plants) - class III
OS22 category (potabilisation and wastewater treatment plants) - class VIII

PASSAVANT IMPIANTI S.p.A. is certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

The company cooperates with several University Departments for didactic activities and research in wastewater/sludge treatment.

Together with Paques B.V. (Holland), PASSAVANT IMPIANTI S.p.A. designs and realizes anaerobic treatment process plants (UASB and IC process) for wastewater with a high pollution load produced from paper mill, food industries, breweries and dairies.
In association with international companies, PASSAVANT IMPIANTI S.p.A. proposes fluidized-bed combustion plants with energy recovery (heating, steaming or electric power), as well as biomass treatment plants for production of electric power from biogas in order to further the culture of “clean energy”.
Furthermore PASSAVANT IMPIANTI S.p.A., cooperating with primary companies, can propose studies and analysis for the environmental remediation of contaminated areas such as the disused industrial sites.



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